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Eun-Sook Kim, M.F.A.


Eun-Sook Kim received her B.A. in English literature from Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul, Korea in the early 1960s. She was accepted into a graduate program at the University of Tennessee, and upon moving to Knoxville, she married and then stayed home with her children until they finished college. At that point, she resumed her graduate studies and received an M.F.A. in ceramics from UT in the 1990s. Her work has been featured in various juried shows throughout the U.S. and in Japan and Korea, and she has held solo exhibitions locally in Ewing Gallery, The Art Market Gallery, Oak Ridge Art Center, and the American Museum of Science and Energy. She founded and directed both the Corner Gallery and the Upstairs Gallery in Oak Ridge for many years.

Our Story

Currently, Kim is a member of the National Council for Educators of Ceramic Art, the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists (TACA), Foothills Craft Guild and the Art Market Gallery. She has extensive experience leading workshops, lectures, and teaching. Her work has appeared in various ceramics magazines published globally.


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